Welcome Glasgow City, Scotland

Glasgow, Glasgow City, United Kingdom
I was not
will not disparage anyone,
let lone your religious beliefs.

Welcome Glasgow City, Scotland

To one of our postings

Smudging and why?

By way of another posting

Scottish smudging
The only reason for this and most of our posting is meant to protect our culture and ceremonies from any invasion from people trying to force their beliefs or pollute our belief on our people.
Stop and think about your feelings if and of course this will never happen, I came to your ceremonies from your culture and tried to force our beliefs on your people on your people?
Thanks to my time in the military, I was able to enjoy the land, businesses and people of your beautiful country.
I will never forget the friendly treatment I received on each visit.
I know that some visitors to the area were not kind to say the least, which is why I left my experience in your country, in the hands of your citizens, like taxi drivers and small business owners.





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