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TurtleHill Village

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I write as I remember from the teaching while growing up in Uncasvillage at the knee of our New England American native elders and the tribes that sent a representative ( Eastern Woodland American Native people) to my grandfather (Sachem Tallfox) monthly meetings.

I hope to relate their feelings about the following subjects.

Creator, Circle, Spirituality, Gathering, TurtleHill, Village, Uncasvillage, Round House, Long House, Mohegan, Pequot, Pequot river, Quinatucquet river, chief, Monheags, Cauchegan, Cochegan, Traditional, Staff, Grand Entry, East, Drum, Tobacco, Kicnic-kicnic, Mother Earth, Ceremonies, 13 moon, Clan, Tribe, Medicine man, Wabanaki Firewoman, Chief Homer St. Francis Abenaki, Sacred pipe, Sachem, sagamore, Sagamos and more.

Sachem Walkingfox at sachemwalkingfox at outlook.com

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