Swedesboro, New Jersey

What's in a name?

I teach from what I have learned from my elders
while growing within the family meetings.

People from many tribes all alone this
Whiteman's Canadian/USA Border,
came to teach at most of these meetings.
Welcome to the visitor from Swedesboro
I know that you know about your state,
this is for our followers.

To one of our posting about our people.
Out of loving respect.

Once again, I am pleased to see a visit to a posting on one of our blogs.

This gives me the opportunity to address the post.

While our people,
The Moiigans came from the USA side of the Great Lakes.

The Mohawk's came from the Canadian side of the Great Lakes.

Remember, no

'Whiteman's border'.

As years passed, people mingled and married.

So, many of the Mohawks, became family members.

However, as my teacher
(some were Mohawks),

Taught that their people

(the Mohawk and Mohican),

were of the
Canadian Abenaki tribes.


The Moiigans and Mohegan's
were of the
USA Algonquian Tribes.
My time in the school at these meetings
 only started from the beginning of the 1940's
on and even to this today.

So I teach because of the ancestors.
Abenaki and Algonquian are a language of the people.
Wabanaki is a tribe.
Tribes of the Wabanaki

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