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One of our blog postings looking for an answer
finding a shaman in a Native American Tribe.

Mind you, my friend in Florida just south of our home.

When we write about information on Native Americans
you come to one of our sites.

It is assumed that you realize we only post information about

'True Traditional Native People'

from our ancestor area.

The Eastern Woodland Native American, on the east coast of Indian Country.

With that said,

"No self respecting 'True Traditional Native' from any ancestor let alone from our will pick a lesser and/or no god, over (Creator).
Native American Shaman person in Florida
Native American Shamans in Florida
Sorry my friends, I need to write a book on this one.

Asking about a Native American Shaman, is like asking about a

Horse -cow?

You can have a Horse and you can have a Cow.

So far, scientists have not been successful at being able to cross a Horse and a Cow

And come up with a Horse -cow?
In other words,
you cannot cross a Native American
with an Occult

And come up with
a Nativeamericancccultperson
no Shaman
in a Native American Tribe


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