Another day another V.A. doctor visit

Today I learned why so many
(Old Poops from the old Wars)
voter for #45

Would you believe that so many veterans from the Vietnam era back in time from older wars actually tell me that they voted for him "Because he is a billionaire and does not need the money?"

I tell you the TRUTH
Would I lie to you?
Another day another V.A. doctor visit

I am alive, my heart is working, and yes, I have one.

Weight great, lost 2" on my body however; no one seems to be concerned.

Sorry all of you Republican and Independent #45 followers, it looks like you will be putting up with me for at the very least 'Six more month until the next visit'


I started pointing to a few facts and get a cold shoulder because, and I quote, "I believe all of that phony crap going around!"

Today we talked for almost an hour because of an emergency that doctors had to handle.

We talked about wars, ships, radio and computer repair, alternative energy and more until one of them asked what is Obama going to do with all of that money.

I pointed at the photo of #45 on the wall and the room instantly went colder then the South Pole!

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