"You cannot teach an old dog new tricks?"

United Shades of America
Who said,
"You cannot teach an old dog new tricks?"
Oh Right,
I did.
People in country,
"No not Vietnam,
This Country."
Are you watching
(United Shades of America)?
Maybe you should.

Follow comedian and political gadfly W. Kamau Bell as he explores the far corners of our country and its various groups and subcultures.

The new one last night, we tape and watch with our diner,


'Ancestors of the Lakota people of South Dakota were of the a Matriarch Society.
Why is this so
'Earth Shattering you might ask?'

My major pet -peeve about

'Westerners visits' to our gatherings back in my time

the !970's and the 1980's

was when they acted like Creator gave them permission to teach us how to (correctly)

hold our gatherings, Paw-paus, meetings ceremonies and powwows!

Come to find out, their ancestors culture and ceremonies were like ours.
Who was 'Dead Wrong?

The young pups or our elders?
Well Duh!

Kamau Bell: Standing Rock changed how I see America

By W. Kamau Bell

Updated 3:12 PM ET, Sat May 13, 2017

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