Welcome to Arvada, Colorado

Welcome to
Arvada, Colorado

Although time and distance will prove to be a hiccup
between our culture and ceremonies,


The culture and ceremonies of tribes around your area.

I personally wish to thank you for your question.

You see,
my post is in need of a few explanations.

The following is my way to help understand

in our culture.

Creator created the 'Tobacco Plant' as I am sure that you will agree,
'along with everything else'!
Man placed poison chemicals into tobacco
just to hook humans on their type of tobacco.

Therefore, with this knowledge fresh in our minds,
creator also created all herbs.

We in our area of Native American Country, mix herbs,
along with the herb tobacco,
into our

prayer pouches.


In our little corner of
Native American Country,
we believe that Creator created herbs
for the free use by humans.

Therefore, we use herbs in our ceremonies for free.

You replacing our herb is
in no way mandatory or expected.

it is a way to gift an elder.


Last but by no means least, all prayers are for a blessing from our Creator to someone or something.

As always, on the way down from Creator the blessings also are a blessing to the person making the prayer request!

This is the old post.
Native American Wedding Ceremony (Traditional)


"Do you offer tobacco at a Native American wedding?


A good Traditional Spiritual Leader uses a lot of tobacco

(Kinnick ~ Kinnick)


Charges you nothing for the service.

So yes, a good traditional spiritual leader is always in need of the herbs

(Kinnick ~ Kinnick).

One should also remember that a tobacco gift given the correct way is a

Prayer for a blessing to the person receiving your gift, so you can gift this

herb anytime that you feel the need to.

Because a traditional Native American is always giving out this herb.

Receiving this herb is a blessing to the pocket.

Our gift given tobacco is

Kinnick~ Kinnick!"

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