Unless you want to see 12 more years of the same politically in this country.
Four more with the Fake President.

Eight with the Hyena in the background 

(The USA),
and for the most part,
the Democratic Party,
'Get their act together’
and do so soon
(Like a year ago).
For starters, a house clearing and cleaning.
If this ‘Political Party’ is telling the country and the world that it has
No worthy Candidates in its party!”
Please tell us today.
It should quit now while it is still behind!
So, for instance
Get rid of anyone that is not a Democrat,
this includes Independent Socialist Sanders
the people that voted for him,
like, for instance
Senator Elizabeth Warren!
Why you might be asking?
Because when push came to shove,
non-party people
a number of members,
stabbed our president in the back
then stomped on her
on the way to their
and our
demise in 2016!
Warren is a Wuss’: Bernie Sanders Fans Turn on Elizabeth Warren For Not Endorsing

The Old, Miser, hermit, backstabber,

and his goons,
will be running as an independent,
so what.
He has proven
time and time again
that his idea of independent
really means
(Me First, just like his big brother Fake President).
They are both going to trash the party anyway
unless you can vote for them both,
‘God help this country’!
We will still be having ‘more of the same’ with him!
He, like #45
offers the whole world and then cannot deliver,
because their plans are phony and full of holes!

Madam President had the only proven workable plan.
Not (fake watered down lookalike garbage).

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