“Fake President Trump”
“Big Waters”

Just because one mayor
of this once beautiful country
“Called him out with the Truth”

All of Puerto-Rico must suffer?
What do you call a president of the United States of America
that gets his kicks by belittling
insulting the poor and helpless
that he is being paid and paid well, to care for?
He is now calling
Puerto- Rico - “Water-Rico!”
Fake President
“There is a (Big Water), around the island country so we were slow to help
I say, “#@## #@#@!!!!!!!

The once proud Whitehouse is now.
“Little Kremlin with a Fake Putin!”
Is that a nick name for Trumps election controller by a building in Russia?
Trump’s ‘little Kremlin controlled by President Putin of Russia!
With the help of Putin's spy ring,
the 2016 election was pushed into,
Fake President #45’s (Cesspool).
As Rob Reiner said,
“We must never accept a moronic mentally ill POTUS”.

Shell we change his name
to something
more sooting, like
“President Moron?”

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