California condor Recovery

California condor 

We watched this program on T.V. today.

California Condor Recovery Program on ABC's Sea Rescue

Here's a clip from the Nov. 4, 2017 episode of ABC's Sea Rescue, which showed what happened after two California condors were found with dangerously high levels of toxic lead in their systems, and were rushed to the Los Angeles Zoo for treatment!

This rescue brings me back to our first few years
sharing states
Native Culture not so many years ago.

I had the honor of showing off Native American Country and our culture.

She had the right to show off her Indian Country culture.

We are both still learning.

Indian Country and the United States of America
prize the Eagle as the top bird as well we should!
(It is the Indians messenger to Creator)!

over on the east coast
also love and respect the Eagle.
Both Bald 

Golden Eagle.
We also respect
Birds Of Prey
as our helpers from Creator,
each one has a job from
Creator helping the Human Animal!
Please see Birds on word press?

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