Denver, Colorado

Welcome to Denver, Colorado

You seem to be a regular at one of our discontinued sites?

Starting in 1982, our sites are for your reading.


All of our sites are free to read.
Therefore, we must use free websites and blogs.

Please allow an explanation for this poor up keep of this site?

(What to learn from this site)

Has been discontinued ever since Century link phone company

took over Embarq phone company!

 Take over by bigger companies
looking to save money
as been happening since 1982.

As per order from my elders, ancestors and Creator,
our sites are free for the reading.

As many of our long time followers will attest to,
a number of visitors have mistaken

(Free to Read).
(Free to take as their own work).


Our responsibility
is to our elders
now ancestors
the obedience to Creator.

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