Fifty six to one (56 to 1)

Before we start this blog post how about a little military story, sort of?

The year was 1962.
O.K. Enough!
I am no story teller!

The summer of Birmingham Alabama 1962

An innocent navy serviceman (yours truly), from New England where racism meant Indians!

As a school student in the teens I knew nothing about the following at the time.

Birmingham Campaign of 1963

One of by shipmates invited me to his home and with no plans for my leave,

I excepted.

He drove to a main road, unknown to me, and hit the gas, his car bounced a young girl to the curb.

Long story short, I heaved the keys out my window and him out his door.

After I finished with him and seeing that the girl was O.K.

I started back to the base.

A number of witnesses came to me and I hitched a ride form one of them.

I reported this to the officer of the deck and joined shipmates in the mess hall games of 5 and 9 and chess.


The little girl was an African-American, along with all of the witnesses.

Such was life in Birmingham Alabama 1962.

Fifty six women accusers and one White Male!
One White Male is a president?
Fifty six women are condemned?

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