The biggest problem with FAKE NEWS is

The biggest problem with FAKE NEWS is how to keep up with correcting the LIES!

For instance

One of my long time internet friends asked a question, guessing that that person only has the time, working and such, to watch one news channel the likes of

‘Fox News’
(Fake News)?

“Apparently the lady who accused Roy Moore admitted she’d written the notes in the yearbook herself.
What’s this world coming to”?

My answer after watching many channels while reading on the internet like CNN, MSNBC.

“Not quite true as I read the news my friend.

As I understand the reports like on CNN with Chris Cuomo, she wrote down the date of the incident”?

which is

“Fake News”?

More Fake News

Janet Porter Roy Moore Spokesperson Fake News on Doug Jones on Abortion rights by a fake statement saying that he is killing children that Doug Jones never said!

Trump, by his own words, is a womanizing, pedophile, flâneur and now your president?

Congress wants a womanizing, pedophile elected to congress just to be able to help pass their ‘Get Rich Quick tax cut or should I say, so called tax cut?

Because the only ones that they are giving a tax cut to are themselves and

Your get rich president!

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