Native American Country/Indian Country/Mother Earth.

Do not take this personally.

If I do not accept you on any site,

Message me on Face Book


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And we can talk?
My sites (all of my sites), are either about the first people on this section


Mother Earth.


They are my thoughts on current events.

Native American Country/Indian Country of Mother Earth.

My native sites are about keeping my ancestors alive on the internet.

If I do not like, friend and/or follow your site there could be a reason.

If I un-like, un-friend and/or un-follow your site, there could be a reason.

Not a good reason.

However, reason enough for me.

If you follow me,

“Blessing from our Creator (God)”

I am a Spiritual teacher (retired), so one should know that bad language is not acceptable.

If I follow, friend or like your site, it must have interesting words about things that my sites are about?

I enjoy looking at pictures and sites with pictures
but words are much more interesting to me.

Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat
and was the major reason why we are stuck with

a ‘Moron for a president'!

Why would you expect me to like, friend or follow
anyone liking Bernie Sanders?

If you are not going to vote in 2018 to clean house
in the

three branches of the government of the United States of America,


In my opinion, there will never be another person as qualified for president as

Hillary R Clinton!

I voted for her for many reasons

#1 She could have helped every member of Native American Country, Indian Country, this country and Mother Earth!

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