Welcome to Newtown, Powys Wales

Welcome to our visitor from Newtown, Powys Wales

To one of our posting about our people over in 'Native American Country'.


What is a 'Thirteen Moon Ceremony'?


About Native American Country.

Our elders, now ancestors, often told their story of Mother Earth and her Children.

Two sites that might help you understand.
'If native belief is to be called religion'.

'Crossing Ceremony'
August 17th 2013

The reason why you are seeing the words
(Native American Country/Indian Country),
on some of our sites is.

Our people, East of the Mississippi, river, try to include all of the 'First People' in North America, recognized and non-recognized by the Euro-Americans that took our land as their own.

So Sorry however you did ask many questions And I tried to answer them all ?

This site was posted yesterday!
Native American Country/Indian Country/Mother Earth.


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