The Veterans of AMVET/NFL

I am not a fan of any (Professional Game) that allows grown men and women to play any game, making millions of dollars to play a game!

Most of those players sit in their limousines on the way to play this game,
while passing homeless, many homeless are veterans and ignore their hardship!

Never the less,

I spent my time in the service of this country, well prepared to fight for the rights of those players to ignore the homeless and play their games.

Any organization.

Veteran or non-veteran, trying to run (ruff-shard) over any people that are
'peacefully expressing'

‘God Giver Right to Protest’!

AMVETS- are trying to push a political motivate ad

Into the Super Bowl!

To help
(congress and their ‘fake president’ force),
their well on our NFL players!

Not only that,
they want the ad as a non-profit organization?


AMVETS (American Veterans)

Is the nation’s most inclusive (Congressionally-chartered), veteran’s service organization.


I am not an NFL player
or a member
of any organization!

I am a Citizen
this 'Free Country'
known as the
Unites States of America!

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