Honor and Remembrance the Holocaust

This is one of hundreds of Humans helping humans in time of war!

Warsaw uprising monument! 73 years later and still finding survivors and their heroes in time of need!

7 decade search

One man’s hunt the family his father hid during the holocaust

7,000 freed Jews from Auschwitz, one of dozens of  Holocaust Camps!

Tony Doanes father helped her grandfather hide in Italy from the Nazis.

CBS Channel 6 News this morning Saturday


Man reunites with the Jewish family his father hid during the Holocaust

Saturday marks 73 years since the liberation of about 7,000 Jewish prisoners from Auschwitz. Some European families took the brave step of taking in Jews and hiding them from the Nazis and several generations later, relatives are still expressing their gratitude. Seth Doane reports.

669 Jewish children were saved from the Holocaust by a single man. This is how they thanked him.

On the eve of the Second World War, Sir Nicholas Winton rescued and found homes for 669 Jewish children destined for a Nazi death camp. This clip takes place 50 years after the rescue.

Is this (FAKE NEWS)?

How in the world will all of our, ‘White Supremacist’, ‘Nazi Loving’ citizens, handle all of this ‘Truth’?

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