Detectives look to ID woman found shot

Shechaim food for thought?

Detectives look to ID woman found shot at vacant Pine Hills auto shop

By: Chip Skambis Jan 28, 2018


A woman is in the hospital after a passerby found her shot and unconscious in a vacant Pine Hills auto shop Sunday morning, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office said.

The woman, who deputies have not identified, was found unconscious with a gunshot wound at 6224 Silver Star Road at the intersection with North Powers Drive around 10 a.m., deputies said. 

My Two Cents would be!

“The only time that I was seen a photo of a Dream Catcher (Tear-Drop), to an Owl to an Eagle to Creator, was many years ago throughout the New England Area.


The Dream Catcher looks like a Western Indian Design?

The Owl is one of the ancestors in ‘Native American Country’ (New England Area), protectors.

The Tear-Drop (Dream Catcher) protects the child from the Trickster (Evil one).

The Eagle is the Messenger to Creator.


Taking the above information and running with it.

The young lady could be a Native American and/or the Tattoo artist could be an Old Native American from a Non-Recognized Tribe in the New England Area”?

The 'toe- tattoo,' could be the signature of her leader (Shechaim)?

Something to be looked into, yes?
We should find this out after she wakes up?

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