Thank God for Twitter!

Yesterday morning I could not get into my Twitter account?

Twitter did not just assume that I did anything bad as others do.

They just saved my account and then opened it after I learned how to correctly get in and change the password, something I will now do often!

The old poop I am, did not understand the message to reset my password or any clear way to do so.

It took time and with Twitters help now I am able to keep writing, with the ancestors and Creators Blessings!

As it turned out,

Yesterday someone hacked my Twitter account!

The people on twitter put me through the ringer, as they should always do in cases like this.

The ‘Hackers’ couldn’t steal from the site, simple because I volunteer my ancestors information to everyone, per orders from the top,


So, my guess is that someone does not like what I have to say on my personal blogs and websites?

My personal blogs and websites!

If anyone has a question, comment or dispute, as I always say,

"Please write"?

Sachemwalkingfox (at) outlook.com

We can hash out any problems and as always I will answer all questions and correct all of my mistakes, with your help as long as you are writing with honest, respect?

If it is just that you do not like what I write, there is an answer for that also.

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