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Native American Gate keeper?

It is now 2018 and now living in Florida retired, if I were to add to this post, I would like to say, the culture, ceremonies and information comes from the teaching of my elders, now ancestors.

It might not seem too many outsiders (people not from tribes in Native American Country, born or adopted, that the use of occult wording is much of a big deal?

‘Well ‘

We are the children of Creator and to Creator; this is a very big deal.

Now carrying or the use of photo taking, at least in a ‘Sacred Circle’ in a belief of elders and out of respect, we frown on abuser.

The teaching of our ancestors from any Sacred Circle comes directly from our Sacred Paw-Paus, all other gatherings  are not.

We know that times are changing and clothing’s are getting smaller.

However, we always invite Creator to dance along with us, how would you be dressed arm and arm with your deity?

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