Grow up, shut your mouth, and freeze your computer fingers!

Grow up, shut your mouth, and freeze your computer fingers!

Far too many people like you grow up with the habit of shifting your mouth in gear long before your brain wakes!

Grow up young lady and study our history before you start moving your lips!

I have posted about this some 5 times, only because it needs to be said!

Granted, I have “0” use for backstabbing people the likes of Elizabeth Warren, and for sure I do not wish to replace trump for her!

However, right is right and if any family member tells their children that they have ‘The Blood,’ “Believe them” and go after your own (Glass Windows)!

Unless you are a member of the ancestors (Family), or a member of the 'Trinity' (Creator), you need to mind your own business as to who has or who does not have ancestors of the

'First People of this Land!

I am so sick of hearing ', Pretentious, Hypercritical, Bullies, telling 'Euro-Americans'

Who they demand has the right to be of the blood of our ancestors'!

Enough is Enough!
Grow up, shut your moth, freeze your computer fingers!

Only Native Americans can decide whether Elizabeth Warren — or anyone else — is Native American

Senator Elizabeth Warren waves to the crowd after speaking on Feb. 14 at the Congress of American Indians at the Capitol Hilton in Washington.

By Rebecca Nagle   February 23, 2018

Last week, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren delivered a surprise speech to the National Congress of American Indians promising to champion Native American rights, but did not apologize for her contested claims of Cherokee and Delaware heritage.

On this issue, right-wing outlets claim I have “torched” her, and according to the left I am “applauding” her.

I am not interested in praising Warren nor setting her on fire.

I am interested in the truth.

Many people would place Warren’s identity at the center of this controversy, but, as a Cherokee woman, I would place Native identity at the center.

America is having a very public debate about who gets to claim Native identity and heritage and who doesn’t.

And lurking behind that question is one of even greater importance:

 who gets to decide.
Just because you hold a 'Plastic Card' given to you by the 'Conquering Government' for their 'permission' to be called (Indian) and wear 'Conquering Government Cloth' you call (Regalia), does not supersede the words of Creator or our Ancestors!

Elizabeth Warren:

I Never Used My Native American Ancestry Claim, Family Tree to Advance My Career

Posted By Ian Schwartz 

On Date February 15, 2018

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