Unrecognized tribes in the United States

There are more Native American (Indian) Ancestors, not recognized as Native American (Indian),in the Native American (Indians) Land, then there are recognized Native American (Indian), in this Native American Land!

Yet non recognized Native American (Indian), in the Native American (Indians) Land, do nothing about this?

Why is that?
Check the list for yourself?
Unrecognized tribes in the United States are organizations of people who claim to be historically, culturally or genetically related to historic Native American Indian tribes but who are not officially recognized as indigenous nations by the United States federal government, which has a direct relationship with sovereign nations, or by individual states under their separate legislative processes, or by recognized indigenous nations.

The following groups claim to be Native American Indians/Aboriginal First Nations by ethnicity, but have no federal recognition through the United States Department of the InteriorBureau of Indian AffairsOffice of Federal Acknowledgment (OFA),[1] United States Department of the Interior Office of the Solicitor (SOL), nor are recognized by any state government in the United States nor any recognized 

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