Scottsdale, Arizona

Thank you to Scottsdale, Arizona

Been to Flagstaff a number of times on the way west.

For giving me the chance to apologize to my readers, my ancestors, and Creator for writing this post with an angry finger or two.

After so many years of watching the young writers, from outside of our area, belittle people in our area, ‘I Just Plain Lost It’ and I am truly sorry.
If the Democratic Party don’t stop and listen to our young adults, and run the same greedy people, it will turn to country over to a Russia State forever!

Far too many people grow up with the habit of shifting your mouth in gear long before your brain wakes!
You should study our history along with your history before you start moving your lips!
I have posted about this some 5 times, only because it needs to be said!
Granted, I have “0” use for backstabbing people the likes of Elizabeth Warren, and for sure I do not wish to replace trump for her!

However, right is right and if any family member tells their children that they have ‘The Blood,’ “Believe them” and go after your own (Glass Windows)!
The corrected post, if you will?

Grow up, shut your mouth, and freeze your computer fingers!
You also gave me the chance to correct and polish the post!

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