Wareham, Massachusetts

Welcome to Wareham, Massachusetts

To a number of our postings about our end time ceremonies?

Before we get into answering your many questions, a little history lesson if you well?

Did you know that before Europeans came to your area and around New England, there were no words like Sold, Selling, bought or Paid?

How could the Euro-Americans now own your property?

Look this up and get back to me if you wish the answer?


To your questions

The following links and many more must include all of New England, parts of New York and some of New Jersey back before first Contact.


No (Not one of our Sacred Ceremonies), has a price tag on it, NEVER!

Kinnick-Kinnick is a welcome gift, but only a gift!

Traditional Native American (Indian) Burial Information.


A Native American (Indian) Soaugi (Funeral)


And one of our pages about our people


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