Florida is a Tropical State

Well Duh!

Search for teen in East Orange Pond: Boy yelled, 'It bit me,' witness told deputies

Florida and most Southing States know what in living in Tropical Waters.

Mr. & Mrs. Alligator and family among many other things.
Alligators and Snakes some Poisonous snakes!

Even if you live in Bangor Maine or any state with a desert, an adult should know to not swim alone?


When you come to any Tropical State on vacation, what do you do?

Why, swim alone in the dinner table of the Gators of course!

Once we find you or part of you, unless in a gators tummy, the state kills all of the gators in that pond or lake, guess who was living in the tropical state long before any humans?

Body found after witness reports seeing teenager sinking in Orlando pond

We in this house join our Cracker Florida Neighbors
In the love of what Florida has to offer.

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