Thank you for your visit Troy, Alabama

Thank you for your visit Troy, Alabama

The leaders of the Democratic Party nailed Hillary Clinton to the cross


We love Joy; she is great for the View and pings off of Whoopi just fine.

However, Joy will be Joy and is in love with ‘the Bern’!

The Bern and a few other crooked people, is the reason why we now have a ‘mini Moscow Kremlin Swamp’ in Washington and many states!

Free Energy is or should be just that, FREE!

If you leave a garden hose with water in it out in the sun, what happens?

How much did that free hot water cost you?

How about free hot water to your water heater?

Yes it cost too much, know why?

Because big business, the power companies and politicians like governors and people in congress have their fingers in the pot!

Dump the power companies, politicians, their lobbyists, government and big business and buy only from the little man direct!

Now how much will you be saving?

Hillary Clinton has all of her ducks in a row, so to speak, to give the citizens the capability to build the best home ‘alternative energy system’ in the world and also build parts stores to sell around the world!

However, the only thing that citizens were allowed to hear was half truths and downright lies!

Thank you government, politicians, and lobbyist, because what we now have is ways to give tax money to the government and their rich sponsors!

The citizens of the United States can do this and do this better if given the chance and the knowledge?

Places like West Virginia, Alabama, Virginia, Florida, Indiana, Ohio and the Carolinas only get to hear the political Lies!

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