the Bronx, New York.

Welcome to our visitor from the Bronx, New York.

We have had a number of visitors from your area
as it should be
our ancestor’s culture and ceremonies
were the same or close to it.
To one of our posting about
Native American Gate keeper

How about if we dig into at least this important part of our culture?

Our area, not sure about around you, the gatherings were called


With this gathering everyone was on the same page, so to speak.

Because this is our Church


Soon after ‘First Contact’ the Euro-Americans started to show an interest in our ceremonies.

Not one of them seemed to care
that they were entering into a church,
no booze,
no weapons
a pure heart!

How many drunks foul-mouths womanizers, with guns do you see in your church?

The only way around this was to hide the ceremony and change the name to a


Our Shechaim

From around the area
turned the problem
to our Clad Mothers

Again as it should be.

Our god we call Creator, our demon we call powwow.
So the gathering in public
is now called
‘our powwow.

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