Phoenix, Arizona

Welcome to our visitor from Phoenix, Arizona
To one of our posting
Chief Wendsler Nosie an Apache

I have personally been to and through your state.

A few personal visits in the 60s with a shipmate to the White Mountain Apache people and again in the early 70s with Timmy’s family and in the 2000’s a few times with (Tah) my sweetie.

I am retired and a Vietnam Veteran with a POW/MIA friend, a Chiricahuas


Timmy was lost in Vietnam.

I still go into a Circle to talk with and pray with my friend (Shipmate).

Timmy was crossed on my last visit with his family.

You are correct in thinking that the land of the ‘First People’ should be called Indian country or Native American country.

However, we are the people that have cut off half of the land of its ‘First People.’

All Native (Indian) Tribes must be recognized by our government along with all of our brothers& sister from ocean to ocean!

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