Wilton, Maine

Welcome to the visitor from Wilton, Maine
Smudging and why?

To start with, people in your area I call (gazinta), now, now hold on.

Before my retirement I had thousands of good friends from Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, upper New York and parts of Canada while heavy into our culture and ceremonies with my family.

This was until the end of the 1990’s and Cardiomyopathy.

My only point is,

"Yes, I know the ancestors in and around your town and our village".

Our elders called our people ‘Gazinta’s’ because our ancestors come from many tribes using the Algonquin and Abenaki language in the New York/New England Area.

Always remember.

"While smudging in your/our area, it is as a prayer to and a blessing from Creator, because only Creator can bless, never a creation of your Creator".

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