7 requests since the last posting

Please read some before you ask?

7 requests about the following subject since the last posting and counting?

I have few ‘followers’ less ‘likes’ and fewer, if any ‘comments’ and I know that it is because of the following type of postings.

However, my promise to Creator and my elders was to help keep the ancestor’s words, culture and ceremonies available to our people and anyone wishing to learn our ways while also helping to protect ‘Mother Earth.

I know and love the land of my people, 

New England, among others.

All of my blogs, post and the website, because of this love reflects this love of my people, my ancestors and the land because Creator made it all.

Yes, of course I love other people and lands.

However, this is narrowed down because of constant requests from others?

Please at least read the titles of some of my posting before you request my following your site?

I love the New England and New York area, 
from diaper to retirement I have traveled the area in question thousands of times for meeting, gatherings, Paw-paus and powwows.

I know the people who love the area 
 I know the people who are
(Tricksters and pretender, because of their greed ‘Selfish Greed’)!

Evil spirits Coyote, Trickster and Powwows

If you follow and/or like to (feel the bern), this is your right as a citizen of this country.

However, as long as I live I will not ‘like’ or ‘follow’ your site, this is my right as a citizen of this country!

If nothing else please read this post? 
Because, before I follow your site, I will be seeing the sites that you follow, constantly checking back when necessary, and if you do not like anyone I might wonder why?

I will never forget  his animalistic activists each time my president passed by one of this cowards group and because he beat himself they joined (it), now in the White house, nor will I allow anyone else to forget.

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