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Royal Navy, needing a feel good posting.

Royal Navy Sailors Arrested In Florida During HMS Queen Elizabeth's First Visit To US

My time in our navy
 there was a time when the citizens of ‘Holy-Loch’
 were holding sit in and lie down protests on the pier.
USS Betelgeuse AK-260
 in Holy Loch Scotland

After a few kind words and the need of a cab to where they go to visit in Scotland, I was able to pass.

It helped to show my ancestors from the area as well as Ireland.

I did not drink or smoke and always made it my mission to visit the locals and see the real country our ship visited.

At time in a military we all need a little time to blow off steam,
 not this cheap sailor, 
but most of us.

USS Betelgeuse ak-260 visit to Holy Loch Scotland

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