To my Anonymous Shipmate

No we no longer go to the reunion!

To my Anonymous Shipmate
I wrote about this some time ago on my Goose Blog?
(Fool me once, shame on you)!


For years I have ignored questions as to why we stopped going to my ship reunion.

Now that it seems to have ended I will tell you Mr., Mrs. or Miss Anonymous.

Soon after we met, she talked me into giving my ship reunion another try.

That year, everything seemed to fall into place with the honeymoon trip that we were on.

The base was flying ever thing it had (she was in heaven); shipmates were, for the most part, friendly.

The Motel room was good, the pool, outdoor to indoor was great, food was also great and we were able to spent most of the time with me getting use to the changes from the 1960’s to the 2000’s and her getting to see the area for the first time.

At the dinner/dance we ran into our first problem.

Elvis came out singing, took one look at the prettiest lady at the dance (my and Elvis opinion), embarrass her and turn the room filled with Elvis loving women hostile!

The next morning two of the ‘racist shipmates’ interrupted our breakfast so we left!

(Fool me twice, shame on me)!

The following year we decided to give it another try, 
our mistake!

Motel was extremely over priced, the motel room was a disgrace, the food was garbage and a few more racists showed their true colors (Old and White).

The pool that was the prize of the first trip was empty and ugly!

Any Questions?

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