Ocean Springs, Mississippi

Welcome to our friends from Ocean Springs, Mississippi
To one of many of our posting about our 
“Sacred Circle”
Native American Gate keeper?
I have little to no knowledge about the ‘Native People’ of your city/state; however it does not matter for this post.

I only write, while writing about the Native Americans of by village (Uncasvillage) and about good and bad politics.
Your beliefs are your beliefs and therefore ‘good blessing from Creator’

As far as 'Traditional Native Americans' are concerned, 'Good Politicians' care for 'Creators creation',
 'Bad Politicians only care about themselves'!
For, going on 78 years Creator blessed this old native with ancestors that lived their lives in praise and prayers to Creator for blessings from Creator.
I am now challenged to keep our ancestors teaching alive in print, no matter how poorly I do this!
So Thank-you for your visit my new friend!
This is one more posting.
Native American Gate keeper?
This question has been coming up many times?
The words Gate keeper is an occult religious word used in Shamanism ceremonies.
These religious organizations worship another god, most have more than one god!
There was, is and should never be a "Gatekeeper" in a true traditional Eastern Woodland Native American Ceremony!
If this is what you are interested in then there are many websites and bloggers willing to help you in your quest.
However, if you are interested in an answer about a true traditional Eastern Woodland American Native ceremony, like our Gatherings, Paw-paus and Sacred Powwows, our people never use the words gate keeper!
This would be an insult to Creator!
The person at the East, the only place to enter and exit out gatherings, is a Spiritual leader or one of his or her students, there only to help you understand our ceremonies!

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