Pequot Prayers

 Welcome to the person from the city of San Juan Puerto Rico

To a few of my websites and blog looking for a prayer?

Pequot Prayers

I feel the I should be saying welcome to my brother or sister the indigenous native American from Puerto Rico?

Because as far as I know, Puerto Rico is in America?

Now, as far as our prayers go, I do not believe that we differ all that much in prayer either?

Maybe in a little different language but about the same.

By the way allow me to take this opportunity to say that your language is beautiful.

The tripod site is no longer, the Google site is close to being up to date however, I have many friends on the WordPress blog and feel very comfortable writing there often.

Our prayers are very sacred as I am sure that your are also.

This would be a little taste of our prayers, hope that you enjoy?

Crossing Ceremony











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