Native Spirituality how does one become an elder

This question came from Canada and some times the culture changed from country to country even though our ancestors had no boundaries (Borders) and tribes often did visit one another, plus you did come to my site first so I am writing?   

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What is an elder?

Looking for information about

Native Spirituality how does one become an elder

This is a twofer question and I would like to answer them both?


American Native Spirituality

People are always writing out on the internet that our belief is a religion and I tell you that from what I have been seeing lately, nothing can be further from the truth!

A true Traditional Native American believes in our "Creator" we have no need to enter a building for prayer, nothing right or wrong with entering a building to pray, we just treat prayer as speaking to our Grandfather, Creator (Mohiigan's call Kiehtan) wherever and whenever?

To me Spirituality means Fear (Love) Kiehtan and Kiehtan Created everything, so if something is wrong, Kiehtan will fix it, one needs to ask?

On the other hand if we are wrong or doing something wrong, Kiehtan will also fix that, one way or the other so do not do wrong and get on with speaking 'prayer' to correct your mistake!

Becoming an Elder

What is an elder?

An elder in a Native American Eastern Woodland Tribe is anyone older then you.

That said, "to become an Elder with authority with-in the tribe one must be an Elder well versed in our culture, ceremonies and the tribe

'No matter the age' adopted or family!

Just because one became old does not make that person knowledgable in our ways to answer your question.

Mind you that one very important answer is

"I do not know let us go find out?"

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