Hollywood, Florida

Welcome Hollywood, Florida
To our blog posting about something that will affect
the whole country and not just our state of Florida.
I do not do
'Live Chat' 'phones' or 'constant chat'
about most subjects.
Because as you can imagine,
I get many request that would go unanswered
because of no time,
 I would be in
chat or on the phone.
This is one of the exceptions.
You see, the
The Republican Party
(in Florida),
if not the country
in charge of our lives,
for the most part
 (sorry my friends),
(Bigots and Racist)!
Let's face it,
State Attorney Aramis Ayala
were an
Old, White, Male, Republican,
this would have never been in the news!
 State Attorney Aramis Ayala
has no need to prosecute
 'Death Penalties'
she can just
send in one of her
many attorneys
to handle the case.

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