Welcome to our visitor from Kansas City

Welcome Kansas City, Kansas

Mind you it is over 1300 miles from Kansas City to Uncasvillage and about 550 miles to where our people started from many years ago in the Great Lakes area.

I like to write this every once in a while to remind all of my followers about the distance between our people and yours and that, at the time of our ancestors beginning, instructions from Creator as to culture and ceremonies, travel was slow at the very least.

Point being

One possible reason for a difference in culture and ceremonies.

For instance.

We use a group of herbs we call Kinnick Kinnick, you might call tobacco, tobacco is one of the herbs in our Kinnick Kinnick.

Everything dealing with our Kinnick Kinnick, it is in the left hand.

Why the left hand?
We believe that it is the closest to our heart.

Left hander Native Americans were not necessarily haft handed


Native American gift protocol.


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