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Please keep in mind that we have never and will never go into the many sacred ceremonies in writings because they are Sacred Ceremonies.

The Four Corners is one of the many ceremonies performed by the Head Clan Mother with the blessings of Creator and direction of a Sachem Chief (Shechaim Ohjieshan).

At that point Head Clan Mother is in charge of how, what and who within the circle.

This ceremony could be for weddings, births, deaths, naming, and many more.

Once the Shechaim is informed about a ceremony the Head Clan Mother arranges a circle with her clan mothers in a four corner position  depending on which ceremony she needs to perform.

Everything in an American Native's ( Native American) culture is with the circle of life or within a circle (our church-'Chachu').

, Mother Earth, Powwow circle, Paw~ paus circle, Fire circle, Prayer circle, even our Alters are in a circle (our church-'Chachu').

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