Let’s take another trip down the ‘Memory Trail' again?

Let’s take another trip 
down the ‘Memory Trail' 

 Please hang in there I am answering many questions hoping that this can clear things up a little.

To Our sacred prayers at ceremonies?

The only question asked as often as a question about Native American tobacco, on my tracker is a question about our sacred prayers at ceremonies!

Questions like.

(1)- What way is the peace pipe passed traditionally?
East or West coast tribes?
Our people
East, West, South, North, East, Our Mother, Father Sky, back to East.
According to my elders, now ancestors, tribes in and around the New England area never had a ‘Peace pipe' because we were never given 'the opportunity for a chance for peace'!

Our ancestors offered a ‘Friendship pipe’ to their visitors and a ‘Sacred Pipe' in their ceremonies’

(2)- What prayer is at a Native American Funeral?
(3)- What is the naming ceremony prayer?


(4)- Native American wedding prayers?


(5)- How to do a traditional smudge?

(6)- How to build a sweat lodge?

“Spiritual Leader"

A Spiritual Leader (teacher), never handles a ‘Sacred Pipe’ once 'Awakened', this is the reasonability of 
the ‘Keeper of the ‘Pipe’!

 "The four directions"?

Awakening a pipe

As you must see from the information post ‘Awakening a pipe’

This is an extremely ‘Sacred Ceremony’ one should never taken lightly, 
so no pipe after being 
‘Traditionally Awakened’ 
will ‘Ever’
 be given to a non-native,

Pipes made east of the Mississippi river are
 made from material found east of the Mississippi river,

 pipes made west of the Mississippi river and 
made from ‘Pipe Stone’

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